Tate no Yuusha ch 84

Cal Mira Island Jinx・Birth Arc

「This room is where the Hero of the Spear’s party is staying」

After saying that, the shadow abruptly disappeared.
It’s probably standing guard somewhere, but……for what?
I have no reason to be polite to Bitch so suddenly opening the door is an option, but I’ll knock anyway.


There’s no reply.
When I enter the room there’s a super displeased Bitch chatting with 2 other women.

「――and then」
「Got itー?」

Somehow, they feel like easy women. Not really a type I like.
She closely resembles what in my world would be called a stupid woman, the loose kind that prostitutes and sits cross-legged on the ground.
To not even respond to a knock.
We have fought before, but after all this bitch really is detestable.


When I speak Motoyasu’s women glance at me with a mocking expression.

「I’m the one who ended up partying with you until tomorrow evening in this comrade exchange, the Hero of the Shield」

For the time being I introduced myself, since this type of woman nags about every bit of rudeness.
Frankly, I want to return quickly.

「There, you guys say something as well」

I’ll be careful to not be made into a laughing-stock.

「Don’t wannaー……」

They sure have quite an attitude.
Bitch even had the nerve to click her tongue.
Hmm? When I look closely Bitch’s equipment looks good now.
Aah, Motoyasu must’ve bought it for her.
Meh I guess it’s fine.
Do I have to spend another day and a half with this bitch?
Give me a break.

「Then it’s sudden, but we’re going monster exterminating right now」

The women other than Bitch let out a stupid sounding voice.Bitch on the other hand ignores me.
I also don’t want to talk with this person. Each of us ignoring the other is probably best.

「Let us relax a bit」
「Yeah yeah」
「Yeah yeah. Why not do it yourself――」

This is bothersome. Monster hunting is being put off…….

「That would be a problem」

There’s a voice coming from the wall.

「And, this is instructions from the country. If you disregard I wonder what will happen to your beloved Hero of the Spear’s standing……?」

After my reply, the women reluctantly stand up and start getting ready.
Name……I wasn’t told but oh well. In the first place I don’t want to know.
After all, it’s absolutely impossible for me to ever travel together with these bitches after this.

「I’m sending a party invitation」

To invite to a party.
While I made a really annoyed face, the women were of the same opinion.

Shadow: 「First after shopping head to the place for entering」

With a clink a bag of money falls into my hand.
……Just where is Shadow hiding?

Just in case I check the money in the bag and there is quite an amount.
With this I can live a week let alone 2 days.

「This time if you show up at the harbor the ferry will agree to transport you this time」
「Yeah yeah」

I disliked being together with this person for even one second, so I quickly left the room.

I walk around the marketplace at Cal Mira Island’s harbor.
I have to go shopping, but what would be good to buy?
Stuff like potions and healing items?
And, when I look away for a bit Motoyasu’s women are happily shopping at a store that sells accessories.

「Hey Hero of the Shieldー」

They seem to be beckoning me in a fawning voice.
It’s an annoying attitude. Just being with them gives me a stomachache.

「I want you to buy this necklaceー」
「Why would I」
「Motoyasu would buy itー」
「I’m not Motoyasu. Why do I have to buy it for someone like you」
「If you’re not a bit nice even the shield will anger people, no?」

Bitch said as if she’s making fun of me.
Just how belligerent is this bitch.
But, she makes a point.
Would it be bad if I didn’t even appear to try getting along……?
Even if I’m approached I don’t need something like Motoyasu’s used women.
In the end I’m just a money source for shopping anyway……right.

While thinking that, I checked out the accessories’ price tag and all such thoughts vanished.

「What’s this!」

No matter what this is too expensive.
I glared at the merchant: it was such a price tag that I forgot about the women in my want to yell at him not to underestimate peddling so much.
If it was just the twice the market price I can stand it as a peculiarity of a tourist highlight.
But, what is four times for.

「Yes. What is it?」
「No matter what isn’t this too expensive?」

I snatch and point at the necklace Motoyasu’s used women wanted.

Dummy sapphire necklace(mp+)
quality poor→(concealed)→normal

If it was Melromarc’s currency it would be priced dirt cheap as an inferior good.
On top of that, just a glance would reveal that he’s attempting to make it seem normal.
Even if he’s working a fraud there are still limits.
It’s 4 times a price that would get you change even for a high quality good.
Even if he’s underestimating me this is too much.
Looking at his other goods, they were all fakes as well.

「This is an archipelago separated from the continent; it’s only normal for prices to be a bit high」
「A bit? Even though you’re going to the extent of fraud and putting these inferior goods out for sale」
「……I’m running a business after all. When you consider this is a tourist spot, of course it becomes pricey」

This merchant, he plans to feign innocence.
The look in his eyes is disturbing.
He probably thinks he’s just dealing with a normal claimer or something like that so he tries to shoo me away.
I have no choice.

「I happen to know a guy like this」

I show him the accessory merchant’s introduction letter.
That accessory merchant seems to be quite famous in this neighborhood, so it might be helpful.
That merchant, he acted like he was ignoring me, but he snuck glances at the letter turning paler with each one.

「I think I’ll turn this into a story. I’ll make sure to remember you」
「P-please wait」

He came out of the store at an amazing speed and started groveling at my feet.

「What? I’m busy you know?」
「Looking closely I got the price wrong! I’ll sell it at the correct price, so please wait a moment!」
「No no, there’s no need to fix it. I’m just going to tell him a story after all」
「Well, just wait a second! I’ll offer it 30% off」
「30% off that price is still…」
「Of course, it’s 30% off the normal price!」
「No……don’t want it」
「Please wait! I’ll make it fi, no 60% off」
「That accessory merchant, where did he go againー」
「Se, 70%――」
「Wasn’t it a trader’s guild?」
「E, 80%――」
「To have even have been using fraud to sell low quality work at 4 times the market price――」
「There! I won’t lower it past 90% off!」

Well, this is about right.


In business using connections, as well as threats and a danger to one’s life, is the best way to make money. If the accessory merchant heard this guy is selling these kind of fakes, he’d definitely be shut down.
No matter what, this merchant was underestimating business. This amount of punishment is about right.

「It’s not like I’m telling you to sell it cheap for little profit though. The ones who would be troubled would be merchants, including you」

Someone else who can also force him to sell far below the market price can deal with it after all.
If these guys pretended to be nice it would cause deflation. It’s not always best to make stuff cheap.
If you try to sell something over-priced, it’s no good unless there’s something to attract customers.

It’s normal to mark-up prices because the sight-seeing area is so far from the mainland. Furthermore, looking around it seems nobody else is trying to sell genuine accessories.
I don’t know if this guy is chasing competition out, or possibly crushing them though.
That’s why even though prices are so high people have to buy.
And as a result, the merchant guild’s reputation drops.

「Just make it so as long as they earn money your customers will happily pay you large amounts of money」
「Just think about it, this place is in the middle of the activation period right?」
「Just spread this kind of rumor. If you wear accessories made from this island’s ore then lvling up will be easier」
「You don’t understand? You’ll put a jinx which has no practical effect on the accessories. And then what? People aiming to lvl up will come buy an accessory here for good luck」
「I see!」

At the least, that’s how I made money until now.
If I hear medicine is wanted I come sell it, if herbicide is wanted I come sell it, and if food is needed I come sell it.
The price was high, but most people smiled as they paid me.
In other words, when the price is high the customers’ satisfaction is much more important than when it’s low.

Hearing my idea the merchant stands up and clenches his fist tightly in comprehension.

「You got the rest right? You just have to sell it expensively while warning whether it helps or not depends on oneself. With just this they’ll be happy to pay. Then if you spread rumors about how much of an effect it had on the customer who bought it smiling, more customers will come」

The probability it will go perfectly is very low, but the first part will likely succeed.
That it’s in the activation period mean experience points are increased. Even though if lvling up goes faster than usual it is because of the activation period, people will think maybe the accessories’ rumors are true.
Afterwards observing the numbers and ability of the incoming adventurers will cause wishful thinking.

「I will go get to work immediately!」

The shopkeeper gave me the necklace, closed the store, and started to work.


I did a good job.
The necklace was obtained for practically nothing.

「Here, you wanted it right」

When I tried to give Motoyasu’s women the necklace they backed away.

「To get a discount you suck」
「What were you thinking」

As blood rushed to my head, My mouth opened involuntarily.

「……Don’t you hate how you were fooled like a complete idiot!」

Such annoying people.
What the heck were they thinking to buy something that expensive without haggling.
At the least I did nothing wrong.
It’s a good plan: the shopkeeper can profit and his customers will be happy.

「「「As expected the shield is the worst」」」

What’s the worst.
If you don’t think before you do you’ll spend money like water!
Motoyasu’s women kept grumbling about my haggling as we left the town behind us.

「You’re the worst! Fine. You’ll get what you asked for! I’ll show you hell! Wrath Shield――」
(Shadow)「Calm down! Hero of the Shield! The Hero of the Spear’s companions will die if you do that!」
「Let! Me! Go! I can’t kill them like this can I!」
「I came out to stop that from happening!」

The fact Shadow appeared and calmed my rage is of no importance.
Ever since this personnel exchange started I wanted to return.
That Motoyasu, just what’s fun about being friendly with these kind of guys.
I can’t understand that guy’s crotch at all.

Shit! Won’t it end soon.
I don’t care about lvling anymore, so let’s find a way to quickly make now become tomorrow’s evening.



  1. The companions of the spear are all bitches?, I think that Elena is the less bitchy from his team. Woman 1, woman 2 and bitch… Don’t sound good. They are more like JKs or gyarus.


    1. Those stupid bitches want him to pay the 4x over price?! They must really think money grows on trees. I hope Queen cuts Motoyasu’s war funds so he has to actually work


  2. Anyone else find the behavior of the other girls odd? If they are so petty and feign a fuss over discounts, then why are they still on the side of the vermin ex-princess? (I’m not using her new name because dislike cuss words.) If I know my tropes, the moment the ex-princess lost her place in the royal house would be the moment they turn against her and take advantage of her weakness like predators. If it’s about fame and prestige, they should be jumping ship Motoyasu for the S.S. Naofumi. And if they want Motoyasu’s affections, then they should be jealous of the preferential treatment ex-princess would be getting and covertly planning her downfall. And if they were doing that, typically, one of the others would be the ringleader and proactively vocal, subtly usurping ex-princess’ position as leader of the girl posse and perhaps even sidelining her into subordinate.

    …Or perhaps I read way too much shoujo…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not really finding it odd. I mean the girls are part of the spear hero team and until then been receiving better treatment thanks to the princess and king. With the two losing their positions it also stands to reason the almost limitless support their band had been receiving had been cut severely. As such mindless spending on luxuries had to be curtailed all thanks to the shield.


      1. Not to mention until recently he was the enemy of the church and country. So even with the queen declared judgement of innocence there is the lingeing belief that he is evil.


  3. THank you VERY MUCH both of you translators great job. 🙂 keep em coming good fellows. In other news… just how much crap must shield bro go through every single chapter? I’m surprised he hasn’t fully raged and just killed everything on that world.


  4. Thanks for the translation! I can’t get enough of Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari. Hopefully Raphtalia and Firo will be fine with Motoyasu…Naofumi has a long road ahead of him though!


  5. Ya know when I started reading the bit about the merchant as thought for sure he was about to win over some of the girls by being able to get them alot more jewelery by paying a lot less for each piece but no that didn’t happen. if him I would have said that the perfer to buy worthless crap for alot than buy valuable crap less? then I would pick up a stick off the ground right then and there, held it outbto them and said here how would u like to buy this stick for 400,000 gold?


  6. Hey anontranslator!

    Thank you for picking up this long-ass series. Even though bakahou can do quick jobs, the chapters are still 500+. So yeah, you are a sight for sore eyes.

    Thing is, though bakahou can not get on baka tsuki due to some problem, you might. Your chapter should be more than enough to be present there.

    So yeah, will you up this chapter to Baka Tsuki? Or if you are lazy and dont want to deal with BT, just say the word here and we will up it there.

    But we do want your official monicker though, something other than anontranslator, to differentiate from others. We do hope for more anonTL so… it would inconvenience them if you monopolize this, yes?


    1. I like the name anontranslator, but if you need another I have an account on BT (completely unused though) under the name “Mr. x”.

      Feel free to put chapters up if you want; I’m technologically incompetent so I can’t do it myself.


  7. Are you planning on continuing translating starting at chapter 100?
    It would be great if you can do that – even if you do not translate at the same pace at bakahou
    I think it would be a good addition!

    Other than that, good work translating this chapter ❤


  8. Depsite the fact I doubt anyone reads these considering how long they’ve been around I’ll post some suggestions:

    Good work on the translations however they’re barely readable. Not that they aren’t readable but it’s difficult to understand what is trying to be conveyed. I think a combination of translating the words and THEN going back over to edit it all to make it a little more readable would be a commendable act and something that’s desperately required.


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